5 reason why bone broth is good for you

Chances are that your mother or grandmother made chicken soup for you once when you were sick. That wasn’t for nothing, as chicken soup has a proven strengthening effect for flu. Our ancestors already knew the great benefits of animal bones. Thanks to that knowledge, we developed the Bone Broth supplements. Curious about what it does for you? We share the 5 biggest benefits.

The history of bone broth

Our ancestors had to work hard for their food. They never threw away food; everything was eaten. The bones, bone marrow and joints were all cooked. Some even broke open the bones and ate the bone marrow raw. Simmering the bones in water released nutrients from the marrow into the bones, as well as other tissues. The result? An extremely nutritious broth.

Simmering the broth for an extended period of time (48-72 hours) releases a large amount of vitamins and nutrients, including calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. Making a well-rounded broth is quite a time-consuming task. Therefore, taking this broth in a capsule is a great solution to still get these nutrients.

1. It prevents colds and boosts your immune system

Our Bone Broth supplements are so packed with natural ingredients that it is a powerful weapon against colds and a booster of our immune system. It is packed with amino acids, collagen and minerals. The gelatin used helps with digestion by healing your intestines and thus also boosts your immune system. The substances glucosamine and amino acids help with inflammation and joints, and can also help strengthen bones and muscle tissue. It also contains amino acids such as arginine and proline, which help build up the tissue in the digestive tract. So plenty of substances that improve your immune system considerably.

2. Versterkt en onderhoudt kraakbeen, botten en beenmerg

Bij het ouder worden gaan de kwaliteit van onze gewrichten achteruit. Ze slijten, worden ze stijver, neemt het kraakbeen steeds meer af en worden ze aangevallen door antistoffen. De Bone Broth supplementen is een bron van gelatine, welke in het lichaam wordt afgebroken tot collageen. Dit is een belangrijke stof om de gewrichten te ondersteunen en te versterken.

3. Supports inflammation and is good for the intestines

Some amino acids present in bone broth are useful for digestion. For example, an amino acid called glutamine helps heal the intestinal barrier in human and animal models. This can help with intestinal disorders and with digesting food.

Gelatin is essential for repairing the intestinal wall and fighting food intolerance (such as dairy and wheat). It also helps grow a positive gut flora and provides support in lowering inflammation in the digestive system.

4. Maintaining healthy skin, hair and nails

Collagen is sometimes called “The fountain of youth,” and not unfairly so. Once we get a little older, collagen production decreases. The skin becomes less elastic, thinner, drier and the first visible wrinkles appear. Most people try to counteract this process by applying external creams, but we prefer to tackle it from the inside.

Bone Broth nourishes connective tissue from within with collagen and elastin. It is absorbed through the intestines, making it a more effective process than through the skin. Collagen supports the following things, among others:

  • It gives the skin a youthful appearance and better elasticity
  • It anchors hair follicles and stimulates hair growth
  • It strengthens the nails

5. It improves sleep quality

We all dream of a good sleep rhythm, but how many people really have it? Many people sleep too short, so it is important to make these hours count. The amino acids found in bone broth can promote sleep. It is a source of glycine, which has been proven to have a positive effect on sleep.

Bone broth has a whole host of benefits, both to our appearance and inside. Drawing a whole pan of broth is a time-consuming task for many people. For those people, we have developed the Bone Broth supplements. Because everyone deserves good skin, hair and sleep!




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